Gear Pump, Valve, Power Pack For Hydraulic, Turbo Molecular Pump, and Laser Products

Industrial Machinery Equipment, USA

Shimadzu Industrial Equipment USA

Established in 1997, the Shimadzu Industrial Equipment USA (SIE) company operates under the auspices of Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary corporation of Shimadzu Corporation, Japan. SIE provides sales and service in the U.S., directly representing Shimadzu’s industrial equipment business units; Semiconductor Division, Fluidics Department, and Device Department. SIE’s Sales and Engineering office is located in Santa Clara, California, and its service and repair center is located in Austin, Texas.

For semiconductor, glass coating, solar, and other industrial high vacuum applications, SIE offers a full line up of magnetically levitated Turbo Molecular Pumps (TMPs) from a range of 200 L/s class to 6000 L/s class. Shimadzu TMPs are known worldwide for its highest quality and performance, excellent reliability, and competitive prices. SIE also provides the highest quality service and repair of Shimadzu TMPs at its Austin Service Center (ASC) with its staff of factory trained technicians.

For hydraulic applications, SIE offers the highest quality hydraulic gear pumps and valves used in the construction and agricultural industry. Shimadzu is the market leader for gear pumps and valves used on industrial forklifts in Japan, and has long term plans to be the leading supplier of its products in the U.S. and Europe. Shimadzu provides a wide range of gear pump and valve designs, including custom designs for its OEM customers, with the highest performance and reliability in the industry.

For industrial laser and device applications, SIE offers a variety of high quality laser products and optical devices. As a leading supplier of high precision optical devices and instruments, Shimadzu provides multiple product lines of lasers, including its BEAM MATE series, which are compact, low power solid-state lasers, available in a variety of wavelengths and outputs, and can operate in a wide temperature range.